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October 2015 (Revised)

The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to establish priorities and controls for fair, efficient and practical use of our pickleball courts and equipment, for the optimum benefit of all club members. The Club is hereinafter referred to as PBC.


PBC membership is open to all current Sun City Center residents who are CA members in good standing upon payment of all PBC Member fees. Membership assumes an agreement on the part of each member to comply with these Rules and Regulations.

Members are required to bring all issues or concerns they may have to the PBC Board of Directors for resolution prior to taking them elsewhere.

A two week trial period is available to CA members who are interested in joining the club.


The PBC operates as an un-incorporated special interest group as an official SCC Club under control of the Sun City Center Community Association Inc.(CA), a Florida not-for-profit corporation. The PBC has its own Executive Board which operates under published By Laws, copies of which are available upon request.


Club Members unable to attend a PBC general meeting can submit a signed proxy that allows another Club Member to vote on his or her behalf. Each proxy will also be counted in the total membership attendance for the meeting.


PBC members are required to pay annual dues on or before December 31st. Membership expires December 31st of each year. A listing of paid members will be posted on the PBC bulletin board.


Pickleball court hours for club members & their house guests are Mondays through Saturdays, 7am to 11am & 6pm to 10pm.

During CLUB HOURS, club members have first rights to the courts. Groups of non-members playing on a court will be asked to sit if there are no courts available for Club Members. CA members not in the Pickleball Club may use the courts during non-club hours - Mondays through Saturdays - 11:00am to 6:00pm and Sundays all day

All players must have their CA Card or a Guest Pass while using the courts. A list of PBC members and their CA number will be maintained on the bulletin board at the courts and those listed will not be required to have their CA Card on their person. Guest passes may be obtained by the CA member at the CA office or the fitness center after CA hours.

Scheduled tournaments and training classes will have first priority. Balls and Paddles are for use by PBC members only. Shirts and court shoes are mandatory.

The PBC is required to observe the guest policy as set forth by the CA as of 5/8/2013:
All visitors wishing to use the facilities - whether they be house guests,friends, relatives, or otherwise must have a guest pass obtained by a CA member at a cost of $1 per day.
A more detailed explanation of this policy is available on the CA website in the Policy Manual, under Section "VI. Facilities" "Item 6.05 Guests/Visitors"

Additional time may be assigned to PBC members during tournaments and special events. CA members not in the Pickleball Club & their house guests may use the courts during non-club hours, using their own equipment.

The last players to leave the courts need to put all balls away & lock the cabinets.

During PBC hours those waiting to play are rotated in for play in the next game. If you have just finished a game and others are waiting, you must relinquish your spot on the court.

Games may be played to 11 points even when others are waiting for a court.


Casual, comfortable clothing is acceptable. Shirts and court shoes are mandatory.


Member and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous manner at all times, both on the courts and in the viewing areas adjacent to the courts. Foul language, arguments over points or scores, un-sportsman like conduct, or any other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Club members committing infractions will be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate to the offence by the Executive Board. Said actions may range from verbal warnings to temporary suspensions of club privileges. Repeated violations may result in a movement to ban the person from club membership under provisions already in the club by-laws.


The Executive Boards from each Club, or their designated representatives, will meet periodically (at least twice a year) to review the assigned usages. They will agree to work together for the best maximum use and enjoyment of both clubs.


No skating or golf carts on courts. Chairs are banned from on or around active playing courts for safety reasons. Likewise, personal items such as cell phones, additional paddles, extra clothing, pocketbooks, etc should NOT BE LEFT ON THE PLAYING SURFACE DURING PLAY. We suggest for your security and convenience that you place such items in a backpack or other bag that you can hang on the fence if you need to keep it accessible, but safe from tripping hazard. Rules may be updated at periodic board meetings based upon needs and member input. Failure to comply with these rules or other action deemed unacceptable could result in suspension of playing privileges. It is the responsibility of all members to read all notices posted on the Pickleball Club bulletin board.